Cre­ate your per­sonal

mis­sion statement

As your coach, I will help you prioritize issues and guide you through difficult decisions.

Empowering you to identify positive action on your own. Mastering a design in action which will open a whole new dimension in the way you create long-term success.

I will implement a door to a new, extremely powerful kind of goal setting. As your coach, I will develop a system with evaluations for you to keep you on track and taking action to reach your goal.  S.M.A.R.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, relevant and timely) goal setting will be ensured with total understanding and accountability.

Bullet Proof Goal Setting

As your coach, I will develop a client’s accountability worksheet along with other materials and books to ensure long lasting learning skills to keep you on track and work through any exercises that will enhance your abilities and use skill s to complete any assignments that my seem challenging. 

Create sys­tems to

hold your­self accountable.

​​Personal Development 




Professional Matchmaker

Wedding Coach & Planner

Divorce Recovery Coach

Spiritual Coach


PreTeen, Teen Coach

K-5 Learning Interventionist 

Personal Health 

By get­ting clear on your per­sonal mis­sion state­ment, you’ll be able to iden­tify the “Big Why” behind all of your actions — from pri­vate coach­ing ses­sions to cre­at­ing your next offering.

Establish & define your individual style 

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I will work with you to define your individual style. Schedule a consultation to establish the desired appearance and lifestyle. Working  through your closet and remove dated pieces, and shop for clothes that will help create new styles and conquer past insecurities. Collecting all the necessary pieces to create full outfits from head to toe, and photograph the ensemble so you will have a completed look to refer back to.  Personal styling individuals for other realms of fashion needed such as makeup for television shows, for photo shoots and special events.

Tara Graham-James

Personal Growth Mentor

Personal Shopper/Stylist 

Personal Organizer

Business Developer

Entrepreneur Coach